China News Agency, Washington, January 22 (Reporter Chen Mengtong) White House Press Secretary Psaki said in Washington on the 22nd that US President Biden currently has no plans for a foreign visit, and his first foreign visit will have to wait "some time."

  Psaki made the above remarks in response to an inquiry at the White House press conference that day.

She said that although Biden is willing to conduct an overseas visit, "I think it will take some time. At present, I don't know when it will be."

  "Of course, I expect he (Biden) will receive more calls from foreign leaders next week." Psaki continued.

Data map: At noon on January 20, local time, Biden, a Democrat and President-elect of the United States, was formally sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Capitol Hill.

  The US media pointed out that even though he has received two doses of the new crown vaccine, Biden is expected to focus his energy on the domestic agenda in the first few months of taking office. The response to the epidemic and the resulting economic crisis is the priority of the new US administration.

  Successive U.S. presidents chose different times and countries to visit after taking office.

In February 2009, former President Obama visited Canada one month after being sworn in.

Former President Trump chose Saudi Arabia as his first foreign visit destination in May 2017.

  The White House issued a statement later that day saying that Biden had the first phone call with a foreign leader, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, as president that day.

The two sides emphasized the strategic significance of the relationship between the United States and Canada and stated that they will strengthen bilateral cooperation in areas such as responding to the new crown epidemic, strengthening economic ties, and addressing climate change.

The two also agreed to call again in a month to continue discussing how to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

  A day ago, Sullivan, the National Security Adviser to the President of the United States, held the first phone calls with officials at the corresponding levels in France, Germany, Britain and Japan.