“I had been in love for several months.

Finally, one evening in February, a man came to pick me up by car in town.

We sat with the students early in the evening, going to a bar and eating in between.

The sense of time disappeared, and the man suggested that I come to him on the ‘evening road’ and that I could stay with him for the night because there was a lot of frost.

In the man’s perfectly decorated, harmonious apartment, he made tea and put himself a mattress on the floor so I could sleep in his bed.

I couldn’t do anything for myself in the end.

I attacked the man.

Sex was the most wonderful I had experienced before.

They have over eight years ago alkaneilla on a date I am still. "

Over the years, readers of Ilta-Sanomat have shared the most wonderful sex experiences.

We picked the most memorable ones.

Embarrassing situations

“Came to drive in a dark car and started to make up my mind.

The car was parked in a secluded location under the power lines and nothing more than the back seat.

Towards the end of the job, the blue lights started flashing behind the car and the flashlight light approached the car.

All the glasses were all in fog, so nothing was visible outside, even though the police officer tried his hand with a flashlight inside the cucumber.

The man quickly wore a t-shirt and pants to his leg and without even socks bounced out of the car.

I was left to flaunt my clothes until after a while the man came back to the back seat.

Police had asked if all was well and if they interrupted something.

The man had said that yes we could get things done.

The cops had been laughing for some reason.

Apparently a dog walker had reported a suspicious car. ”

“I once terrified myself of a younger / inexperienced man when my period decided to start in the middle of the act.

That frightened look has remained on the retina, fortunately the situation is laughing afterwards. ”

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"I'm a woman and vehtasin with a woman disabled toilet.

Suddenly opened the door with the master key when it took so long and we were half-dressed there, the audience was at the door when he opened it, then embarrassed. ”

“With my boyfriend, goodnight bags turned into oral sex.

I had just completely forgotten to take a muscle relaxant because of my sore neck and fell asleep in the middle of the session.

I woke up when my boyfriend screamed from my crotch, 'Are you asleep ?!'

Certainly not doing good for self-esteem, no matter how I explained.

For the second time, things went awry when, in the middle of the session, the cat attacked my claw and teeth with my lower leg closed.

I shouted like a hyena and the man was startled worse once. ”


 Just when my girlfriend was near the top, the bottom of the bed let down, and we collapsed on the floor.

A little fuss

“It happened to me once as a young man that when after a game of football I left with a girl in a car in a remote place in our lusts, the front seat cramped.

As we moved to the back seat, your back cramped.

There was no big problem with that, a little whisk on the machine, a more spacious place and was allowed to return after a small overtime.

What is forced to be so deadly in sex? ”

“We met with a girlfriend to have sex in a 60 cm wide bed.

My girlfriend liked it when I put my hands under her buttocks in the missionary and squeezed them tightly together.

It was said that the squeezing of the hands and the feeling of weightlessness with the act was what made it explode.

Once, I watched my girlfriend roll her eyes to the point that consciousness would soon leave again, and I added even more strength.

And just when my girlfriend was near the top, the bottom of the bed let down, and we collapsed on the floor.

The performance was taken to the end, but yes, when we calmed down, we laughed that it was Akti when the bed broke up. ”

“We tried to have sex outside in the 20-degree frost right after we came out of the hot tub.

Well, there was one towel included, my hair froze on the patio post, and the door went to the back lock.

The man took a towel and went to open the door from the front - while I was standing naked in the backyard and my hair stuck in that pole. ”

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“He suggested I cover my eyes with a sleep mask.

After a short reflection, I agreed, and the ride was amazing. ”Photo: Colourbox

Wonderful moments that will not be forgotten

“The bouquet of three performed at the hotel with two women was forever remembered.

After a staggering four-hour session, I left in the morning to get food from the grill, there were apparently a lot of calories burning with the two beauties.

As I walked the streets, it felt like I was hovering above the ground.

I will never forget that feeling. ”

“We went with the man to‘ things ’.

We parked the car at the beginning of a small dirt road, and had sex in the back seat of the car.

We had been talking about this for two days, so the desires were strong.

In fact, I triggered really fast, man soon after.

Its once again at home to make food for the kids. ”

“The man really bet on foreplay.

When I went to her, she had dressed in a bathrobe, lit candles, and warmed a lubricant suitable for a massage.

She started by giving me an absolutely wonderful massage and then all the time slowly made it more intimate.

The man also knew how to play with different sensations (warm massage oil, cold water drops, etc.).

For once, I was ready when the time for sex came. ”

"I'm a married woman.

In the spirit of work, I met a very wonderful man.

I sent him a message on Messenger and he immediately asked if I could be met.

The next day he came to my house and offered bubbly.

I had time to say cin cin (cheers) and he literally jumped on me, first kissing passionately and then literally tearing my jeans and little ones away.

Then whatever was done.

It was one of my most passionate experiences.

The fact that I didn’t even know this man made the experience even more horny. ”

“We were at the summer cottage with my female friend at the time.

It was a hot but rainy evening.

We went to the sauna where we started having sex.

Then we went swimming, and I had a very erection after the blowjob, which I remember.

We continued to have sex and eventually we had sex in the middle of the dock.

The rain had reached, and it began to thunder.

My female friend first got an orgasm that made me trigger.

I don’t know if anyone saw our sex session, but this is the most memorable time. ”

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“Work straight to a girlfriend on Friday, and sex left the mittens.

Throughout the weekend, we had sex in every nook and cranny of the apartment, including the balcony.

There was not much sleep but we exercised all the time.

I was tired at work on Monday but happy. ”

“Probably the most special is the ex tempore carousel.

Two singles (met in Tinder, and it turned out they were roommates) came to start with me with wine.

Admittedly, it soon became clear that they had no idea of ​​going to the bar, but a fantasy of both.

I was shy and blushed at it and didn’t even get an answer when the whole situation felt so unbelievable.

Eventually one kissed me in the mouth, and the other wanted to continue.

That night will never be forgotten.

I saw a laugh almost ten years later, and it’s a bad thing to remember in a nursing home. ”

“After a few drinks from Tinder dating, we ended up going straight to bed.

Already in the restaurant we noticed that the chemistry met well and we weren’t really able to keep the keys apart.

Sex also turned out to be incredibly good.

We met for several months under the same signs.

With that man, I became sexually liberated and learned a lot of new things about sex and my own sexuality. ”

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