Magdeburg (dpa / sa) - Almost six months before the state elections, the SPD in Saxony-Anhalt wants to decide on its election program.

Due to the Corona crisis, the event will take place online today (10:00 a.m.).

The Vice Chancellor and SPD top candidate for the federal election, Olaf Scholz, is to address a greeting to the delegates.

The SPD's top candidate for the state elections is to be Katja Pähle, the parliamentary group leader.

At the party conference on Saturday there was a lot to do, said Pehle of the German press agency.

"We can expect a labor congress with 337 amendments - the SPD is traditionally a program party."

The designated top candidate also said: "The fact that we have to cope with this workload at a digital party congress is a real challenge, and we are all very excited."

Pehle prevailed in a member survey on the top candidacy, a party congress in February still has to confirm this and draw up the remaining list for the state election.

Shortly after the membership vote in the summer, the party leadership presented its draft for the election manifesto, and the paper has been discussed in the local associations since then.

With the program, the Social Democrats would learn lessons from the pandemic, said Pähle.

Saxony-Anhalt needs comprehensive hospital care even in rural areas.


The country must also "help vigorously with the economic recovery, including a new start for those who are now threatened with bankruptcy."

The digitization of schools must also be driven forward after the crisis.

"And that's just a small excerpt from what we're planning to do."

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Link to the draft election program