The Houthis' targeting of Saudi Arabia has been renewed, with Saudi media announcing that a missile launched from Yemen towards Riyadh was intercepted today, Saturday, and data published by the Flight Radar website showed that navigation is disrupted at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

The official Saudi media stated that the Saudi-led coalition managed to "intercept and destroy an enemy air target towards Riyadh."

# The Coalition: Intercept and destroy a hostile air target towards # Riyadh # Al-Akhbariya_ Urgent

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Earlier, residents and eyewitnesses reported hearing an explosion in the sky of Riyadh, and tweeters posted on "Twitter" footage of smoke clouds expected to be a result of the missile interception.

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Thanks to God and its end, two goals were dealt a little while ago against Riyadh .. # Air Defense Thank you

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Navigation traffic

On the other hand, the Riyadh airport website reported a delay in the arrival of many flights, without saying whether this was linked to the attempt to target the city.

The "Flight Radar" website showed that navigation was stopped at Riyadh airport and flights were diverted to Dammam airport.

According to the location data, two aircraft approached the airspace of Riyadh airport and did not land, and they remained maneuvering in the vicinity.

Witnesses also said that Riyadh airport delayed the departure of flights from their previous schedules, without giving reasons.

Delaying all flights to and from # Riyadh_Airport

- Ahmed Al Houtan (@AhmadALHotan) January 23, 2021

Saudi Arabia is under constant attack by the Houthi militia in Yemen, but the missiles and drones launched by the Houthis rarely reach the airspace of the Saudi capital, which is about 700 km from the Yemeni border.