In many parts of the country, the curfew seems to have started silently.

In Urk, Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Stein in Limburg, however, some protests took place against the strict corona measure.

Due to the curfew, residents have to stay in every day from 9:00 PM to 4:30 AM.

The measure applies until the early morning of February 10.

The fine for violating the curfew is 95 euros.

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At least two locations in Rotterdam protested against the curfew and other corona measures.

At least fifty people protested at the Binnenrotte in the center of the city.

The group was notified by officers of the impending curfew, but refused to leave.

According to a spokesperson, all persons present were thrown on the ticket.

"There was no grim atmosphere and the group adhered to the measures until 9 pm. Now we are going to sweep the square clean."

Elsewhere in the city, in front of the Markthal, a few dozen residents were also demonstrating outside.

Several people have been fined when they refused to go home after curfew.

Three people were arrested.

In Amersfoort, a small-scale protest action took place by action group Virus Truth.

It is not clear whether the protesters arrived on time.

Young people in Limburg Stein seek confrontation with the police

Several hundred young people were said to be on their feet on Saturday evening in the center of Stein in Limburg.

According to

De Limburger

, the approximately two hundred young people would have agreed via social media.

Partly because of this, the police knew of their plans.

The young people would cause unrest in the neighborhood by setting off fireworks and throwing them away.

Nearly 40 officers were on the scene to maintain peace, but were forced to withdraw after the situation threatened to escalate.

The Mobile Unit has been called upon to restore peace.

GGD Urk test street set on fire

During a protest against the curfew in Urk, a test street of the GGD was set on fire on Saturday evening, the Central Netherlands police confirm in conversation with

Images of the sea of ​​flames are shared on social media.

"The fire brigade is still extinguishing," said the spokesman.

At least fifty cars would have landed in the area, many of those present are young people.

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