Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun said that the new semester is approaching for a month or so, and instructed the Ministry of Education to prepare a new semester class method and school quarantine strategy in advance in consultation with the quarantine authorities.

Prime Minister Chung commented on the results of the analysis that "if the quarantine rules are followed, schools are unlikely to be a major factor in spreading", saying, "The expectations and worries of students and parents are intersecting whether school classes can be conducted normally this spring I did.

Prime Minister Jung continued, "There are voices of concern about the learning gap of vulnerable children, and the burden of caring for parents is increasing," and "I am worried about emotional problems such as lack of sociality and depression of children who have not met friends for a long time. "I pointed out.

He added, "This year should be a little different," he added. "Based on the experience of the past year, related research results and opinions of various fields should be thoroughly reviewed."

Prime Minister Chung also mentioned the situation in which distance classes are inevitable, and said, "I hope that the expansion of communication between teachers and students and expansion of infrastructure will continue to be promoted to improve the quality of classes and to close the gap."

(Photo = Yonhap News)