While canceling a wedding is a nasty thing, it may also be the only and right option.

Iina, 33, had ten years in her former relationship.

Engagements were exchanged just four months after the start of dating.

- It all started like a dream.

We got to know us online and fell in love with the idea that he belonged to a band and toured all over Europe.

I just wanted to be with the rocker of my dreams.

At first, the man pampered Iina by taking her out to eat.

Trips were always folded by taxi.

Shortly before the wedding, however, the man's backstage collapsed.

- My husband was not in any band and he actually got the money he received from his “manager” from his mother.

Iina also found that the man was badly in debt.

- The man lied that he could pay back the money he borrowed from me.

I took quick chips in my name because I thought he could pay them.

Eventually, Iina decided to cancel the wedding about three weeks before the holiday.

- We had already booked a wonderful wedding venue, the dress and jewelry had been bought, invitations sent and bachelor parties held.

The decision to cancel the wedding was finally a relief for Iina.Photo: Colourbox

The decision to cancel the wedding was finally a relief for Iina.

- I realized I was getting married to a narcissist.

Now it’s a shame and I wish we had never met.

However, the past cannot be changed, and I have tried to think so that I could cope with it as well.

The groom was caught in a side jump

Noora, 28, kept up with her ex-partner for about a year.

The couple in love quickly decided she wanted to get married.

- I got pregnant and we talked excitedly about the baby, getting married and the common future.

The dream speeches turned into plans when the church and the place of the celebrations were reserved.

Unfortunately, the church had to be canceled.

- The reason for the cancellation of the wedding was the betrayal of the man.

I left him when he got caught.

I was then on the third hearing to be pregnant, Noora recalls.

The news of betrayal caused Noora's world to collapse.

However, the wounds have slowly healed.

- I would still like to get married in the future, but I dare not hope for it anymore.

The dispute led to the dissolution of the engagement

Viivi, 26, was engaged to her husband after the birth of her first common child.

Before the engagement, the couple had held one for three years.

During the engagement, the wedding plans got a nice breeze underneath.

- We had already planned the guest list, the party place, the wedding dress and the time.

Eventually, however, the man lifted the engagement in the context of a larger dispute between the couple.

The cancellation of the wedding was a big shock and disappointment.

- The first time you get around one of the biggest childhood dreams, yes, it pulls the mind low.

Now that time has passed and the greatest emotional storm has subsided, in common sense it was the right solution, although the matter is still shrinking in some way.

Despite the engagement, the couple decided to try again, and they are still together at the moment.

- The dress is standing still in the closet and rings I kept in a safe place.

So we are still together, but the wedding planning is currently on ice.

"I canceled a wedding with less than a year's notice"

Salla, 28, had a relationship with her former fiancé for eight years.

- We had booked a church and a pleasant place to party.

In the end, however, getting married didn't feel right about Salla. Photo: Colourbox

In the end, however, getting married didn’t feel right about Salla.

- I canceled the wedding with less than a year's notice because I felt like we were just friends.

We were getting married maybe also because everyone was expecting it from us.

When the man knelt in front of me with a toothbrush, I couldn’t answer in the negative because I was afraid the relationship would end there.

Salla, who is in a new relationship today, still thinks the solution is completely right.

- I love the current common-law spouse, but even though he has proposed to me a few times, I refused.

I don’t know if I want to get married again someday or not.

However, the idea feels quite distant at the moment.

The groom sent the rude text only months before the wedding

Laura, 29, says she celebrated her engagement after a year of socializing.

- In my opinion, the relationship with my former fiancé was good and everything was fine.

The wedding venue and the church were booked, the invitations themselves were almost busy, the decorative props had been purchased a lot and a costume and ring had been bought for me, Laura recalls.

The dream wedding was scheduled to be celebrated in mid-May.

However, in early March, Laura received a text message from her husband that led to the cancellation of the wedding.

- The man stated with a text that "I can't do this".

The end of the relationship and the cancellation of the wedding came as a complete surprise to Laura.

- Then it felt like the end of the world.

Now, I'm just happy that we had time to get married.

However, the cancellation of the wedding left a notch in the wallet.

- The costume and ring cost about 900 euros and the props and crafts about 200 euros.

The groom betrayed with gas

The love story of Mary, 37, and her ex-boyfriend ended six years later in a rather nasty way that was like straight from the movies.

- While on a business trip, my fiancé had betrayed me with my best friend, who was supposed to be my partner.

There was not just one betrayal.

According to Mary, the couple loved each other, and she could never have imagined such a shocking end to the engagement.

The wedding was canceled just four months before the big day, and a tedious call had to be made to both the church and the party.

- Of course, I was broken and sad about the failure of the relationship and the fact that the wedding was canceled, but still grateful that the matter came up before the wedding.

I wouldn’t have wanted to live in a marriage with a traitor, let alone hand me over at the altar to a deceitful gas.

- Now, I've already got over the matter, but yes, it still hurts when I wondered how two people so important for me to do so unpleasantly, and even the brightest eyes sit with me, arranging the wedding anniversary of my dreams