First observation | Interpretation of a set of numbers behind this photo

  Observation summary:

  1/640 second-shutter speed;

  0.21 second-time spent in the air;

  3 minutes and 39 seconds-the duration of the soundtrack;

  23.5 years old-average age...

  A set of numbers to understand the story behind the photo.

  In the past few days, a photo of General Secretary Xi Jinping during the Winter Olympics inspection was screened.

  Light and shadow sounded and condensed in an instant.

  From every second, we explore the profound meaning condensed in this moment.

1/640 second-"in the same picture"

  1/640 second, the Xinhua News Agency photographer press the shutter.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Dawei

  On January 18th, the General Secretary inspected the Capital Gymnasium and learned about the preparations of figure skaters.

  Photojournalists filmed the general secretary, athletes, coaches, etc. in the same picture, freezing a classic moment.

  For the busy national leaders, athletes, and coaches of the Winter Olympics, they "are in the same frame" and build a concentric circle of cohesion.

  In the same picture, unite every strength and achieve the same dream.

0.21 seconds-"the most beautiful moment"

  Figure skating is an ice ballet of skill and strength, showing full technical confidence and artistic heritage.

  The pair skaters Peng Cheng and Jin Yang, who appeared in the photo, just completed the difficult action of twisting three weeks.

  They twirled for three weeks in the air, the longest is 0.68 seconds, the average time is 0.612 seconds, and the average is 0.21 seconds per week (360 degrees).

  "That was the closest we were to the General Secretary." Jin Yang couldn't hide his excitement.

  "That was also the most beautiful moment in figure skating." Peng Cheng said, they were immersed in it and devoted themselves, presenting the most beautiful moment in "Figure Skating Dream.

3 minutes and 39 seconds-"Send a gift at your doorstep"

  The Capital Gymnasium is of special significance to Shen Xue. This Chinese pride on ice has been training here since 1994. Seeing the remodeling of the first body, her heart is extremely surging: "Everyone is rushing to be the first on ice. People."

  Watching the younger generation of athletes in front of the music of "My Motherland", it took 3 minutes and 39 seconds to complete the training report of men's singles, women's singles, pair skating, and ice dance. Shen Xue was very emotional: "We want to fully show the four The characteristics of the event and the difficulty of training, every movement has been tempered, the charm of competitive sports is to exceed its limits in uncertainty."

23.5 years old-"a rare opportunity in life"

  In the picture, the general secretary kindly points to the athletes and asks Zhao Hongbo about their age.

  Kind care, warm and touching.

  The average age of the 6 athletes participating in the training report was only 23.5 years old, exuding the vigorous mental state of the younger generation of athletes.

  During this inspection, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that promoting the leapfrog development of my country's ice and snow sports is an important part of achieving the second centenary goal, and it has also created rare life opportunities for the majority of ice and snow athletes.

  Word by word warmed the hearts of ice and snow athletes.

  "We strengthened our confidence, and we went all out to prepare for the war." Jin Yang said firmly.

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