Covid-19: Morocco receives two million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine

A Moroccan policeman distributes masks to fight against the spread of the coronavirus in Marrakech, in August 2020. STR / AFP

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Morocco has received its very first delivery of Covid-19 vaccines, designed and produced by the AstraZeneca laboratory.

After several weeks of announcement effects and uncertainties, the coronavirus vaccination campaign will therefore be officially launched in a few days.


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Nina Kozlowski

At the Ministry of Health, it is relief, some even speak of a "



This Friday, Morocco finally received its first vaccines against Covid-19.

Two million doses, produced by the AstraZeneca laboratory and sent from India, which will enable 1 million Moroccans to be vaccinated.

The start of the vaccination campaign will be given to the Avicenne hospital in Rabat from the start of next week.

The first injections will be carried out on the nursing staff and the police.

Originally, the Kingdom hoped to start this campaign last December, with the Chinese vaccine designed by Sinopharm, which has yet to send any dose to Morocco.

In total, the Moroccan authorities have ordered 65 million doses of vaccines from AstraZeneca and Sinopharm, to vaccinate 80% of its adult population, or 20 million people.

But the Kingdom remains dependent on the production and delivery schedules of the laboratories;

and will have to revise its orders downwards.

In the coming days, AstraZeneca is expected to deliver another eight million doses, while Sinopharm could make a first shipment of 500,000 doses.


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