At 12 o'clock today, large parts of Oslo were closed down, and all unnecessary shops are closed again for the rest of the month.

The Norwegian system company chain Vinmonopolet belongs to the group of stores that are considered unnecessary.

But the Norwegians do not refuse to agree with that assessment.

Several neighboring municipalities are now reporting "kitchen chaos" - despite the fact that a trip to the neighboring municipality goes directly against the advice that the government issued on Saturday.

In Sandvika outside Oslo, store manager Robert Fagerheim says that he has never experienced anything like this.

The queue must at most have been over 100 meters long.

- Today there is a huge demand.

We have security guards at the entrance and everyone who can work is at work, he tells NRK.

Solberg: Calm down

The neighboring municipality of Bærum has also noticed the increased pressure.

The municipality's chairman Libeth Hammer Krog writes in a text message that she is worried.

As a solution to the problem, she hopes that it will be possible to close the vinomonopole there as well.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg asks the Norwegians to be careful.

- It is important that people calm down, do not hoard and that you maintain distance in the queue, she says, and continues:

- FHI and the Norwegian Directorate of Health work together with the neighboring municipalities on which regulations should be in place.

Toughest measures since March

It is not just the wine monopoly that is closing.

The restrictions put a stop to shopping centers, sports facilities and leisure activities, among other things.

Preschools and schools may also be closed.

On Saturday morning, the country's health minister presented all the new decisions, and announced that these are the toughest measures since March.

The hope is to stop the spread of the British mutation of the coronavirus, which has so far claimed two lives in Norway.

- Together we have managed to beat down the infection several times, and together we can manage it again, the minister said during the digital press conference.

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New restrictions are being introduced in the Oslo region, says Norway's Minister of Health.

Photo: Jil Yngland / NTB / TT