China News Agency, Toronto, January 22 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) Two days after the cancellation of the "no-fly order" on the Boeing 737 MAX passenger plane in Canada, a passenger plane of this type by WestJet, Canada's second largest airline, Suddenly reported a "potential failure" on the 22nd and had to abort takeoff.

Data map: On December 9, 2020 local time, a Boeing 737 Max aircraft was preparing to land at Salgado Filho Airport in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

  WestJet confirmed to the media that the plane was preparing to fly a Calgary-Toronto flight and had completed inspections. Passengers had also boarded and were ready to take off.

However, after the normal engine started, a warning light was lit in the cockpit of the airliner, indicating a "potential failure".

  The airline decided to temporarily cancel the flight and its return flight, and arranged for the passengers on the plane to take another flight operated by a Boeing 787 to Toronto.

  The airline stated that the aircraft involved has now passed inspections.

The aircraft may return to the sky as soon as January 24.

However, the airline did not disclose the specific reason for the failure warning.

  This was originally the first flight of the Boeing 737 MAX after the Canadian government allowed the Boeing 737 MAX to go around, and it was also the third go-around of this type of passenger aircraft under WestJet.

  The Canadian government issued an airworthiness directive on the Boeing 737 MAX series aircraft on January 18, requiring relevant modifications to the aircraft, and decided to cancel the "no-fly order" on the aircraft on January 20.

WestJet will resume flying the aircraft from the 21st, and Air Canada will resume commercial operations of the aircraft on February 1.

  In October 2018 and March 2019, two Boeing 737 MAX passenger planes from Indonesia and Ethiopia crashed and killed 346 people.

The aircraft was banned worldwide.

When Canada officially banned the aircraft from flying in mid-March 2019, the country’s three airlines, Air Canada, WestJet and Sunwings, had a total of more than 40 737 MAX series passenger aircraft.