Toyota's Kalle Rovanperä's driving day in the Monte Carlo World Rally Championship was staged.

The young Finn was involved in the victory battle of the race, but the small run-off in the sixth special stage ruined the chances of leading the way.

After Friday, Rovanperä is fourth in the race after Elfyn Evans, who is leading the race with 53.1 seconds.

- There was a lot of mud in that bend.

I thought the grip would have been better.

We stayed in that field for a while then.

Otherwise, it would just have been a small Spinning, but didn’t get out of the field very suddenly.

It took an awful lot of time, Rovanperä said.

The winning seams are very thin for Rovanperä, but the 20-year-old driver's promise is still thirsty for the podium.

There are three special stages on Saturday and four more on Sunday.

- Let's try to drive the same way tomorrow if even one of the above gets caught.

Even today, we were at a good pace on many sections.

Anything can still happen.

You have to drive without mistakes with a good rhythm, Rovanperä summed up.

Rovanperä accompanies Toyota number one stars Evans and Sebastien Ogier in fourth.

The above is also Hyundai OTT TÄNAK within half a minute.

- You have to take quite a lot of risks here, because the conditions are so difficult.

If anyone who smells grip on the bend loses a lot, Rovanperä planned Saturday's tactics.

Jari-Matti Latvala's first race as Toyota's team manager has started brilliantly.

After Friday, Toyota is in stunning positions against the worst rival team Hyundai.

- I don't dare dream of a double victory yet.

I know from experience that this is a difficult race to finish.

Now the situation looks good, but I dare not dream too much, Latvala said.

- You have to be moderate on the way.

This race can show its most difficult side until the last.

Let’s go moderate now, the fresh team boss continued.