The jury of Ilta-Sanomat looked through and listened to the candidates of this year's New Music Competition, one of whom will be chosen to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year, the victory was not clear at all in the eyes of the jury, it only came apart by two points to the next.

Points for the songs could be divided in the style familiar from Eurovision, ie 1-12 points so that 9 and 11 points could not be given.

The level of the UMK delighted the jury and the final will definitely be exciting.

However, there were so many unfortunate ballads that the jury's dance foot remained wavy.

More happy songs would have been needed.

The two most popular performances, Teflon Brothers & Pandora and Blind Channel, which were considered to be pre-favorites, on the other hand, seemed to share the opinions of the jury, and therefore did not make it to the top.

You can see the points in the compilation at the end of the story.

The jury included IS's editorial secretary Tatu Onkalo, IS Tv magazine's editorial secretary Pauliina Leinonen, journalist Heidi Vaalisto, entertainment journalist Iida Tani and Turku regional journalist Anna-Maija Naakka.

Finland's Eurovision representative will be elected in the UMK final on 20 February.

Oskr: Lie

Tatu: Pros: An identical song tells a little story.

It has been well received by us and the world.

Cons: Visa has both good and bad qualities that it could be from any country only.

Score: 4.

Heidi: Pros: The sound of grass offspring is like velvet.

The young man's pain rages.

Cons: The melody is beautiful, but you are always waiting for an explosive point.

Score: 10.

Pauliina: Pros: Where has Finland's Ed Sheeran been hiding?

That way, a great-sounding artist would deserve more publicity.

Cons: I wish I had a more cannon chorus here!


Anything that would make the song catch fire and come to mind.

Score: 7.

Iida: Pros: Skillful singer, touching lyrics and an international spirit.

Slightly reminiscent of Ed Sheeran as well as Lewis Capald.

My own favorite!

Cons: Similar problems as in the Axle part.

Does this come to mind from first hearing?

Anyway, a great song.

Points: 12.

Anna-Maija: Pros: Turku's Ed Sheeran's voice is apt to cheer up the ballad.

The song grows towards the end and works on the radio.

Ear mat.

Cons: The previous winner was a ballad sung by a man, which can eat up opportunities.

Score: 10.

Total points: 43

Teflon Brothers x Pandora: I Love You

Tatu: Pros: At first the whole set was irritating, but the beanie is already starting to loosen.

Pandora is launched at the end of the earworm.

Cons: There is a still life in the tire.

Junttijäbät mutters rap and part of the woman is slipping I love youta.

Score: 8.

Heidi: Pros: Happy, simple catchy rallatus, accompanied by Finnish junti comedy.

Cons: More would have been expected from that line-up, herring salad is not remembered as a chorus: I love you.

Score: 6.

Pauliina: Pros: A catchy chorus for once!

I admit I listened to this rally on the first day dozens of times with a repeat.

A fun Stranger Things style video, hopefully the same theme with its dance moves would continue in the finals as well.

Cons: Is this understood internationally?

Is the chorus too monotonous?

Will the stage show become a corn, like last year at Erika?

Points: 12.

Iida: Pros: Pandora.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Teflon Brothers, but choosing a Swedish star to sing the chorus is an ingenious bet.

Plus the striking melody too!

Cons: I don't think the humorous Finnish rap will hit international visa fans, it won't hit me either.

Score: 5.

Anna-Maija: Pros: Suitable for a visa like a beard for Conchita.

The combination of Finland and Enku works surprisingly well.

Cons: Why, oh why wasn't Pandora released properly ?!

An unspoken one-time rally will ruin an otherwise entertaining retro pump.

Score: 7.

Total Points: 38

Danny: When everyone loves me

Tatu: Pros: Just a suitably lightweight surprise that brings versatility and dignity to the race.

Cons: Would a black attention be conveyed to the visa public?

Score: 6.

Heidi: Pros: If you want a humorous settlement for a funeral, this one will ring.

A new conquest to bring the familiar Nordic noir style to music from TV series.

Points for originality.

Cons: The international audience hardly reaches the message of the song, should know Danny's history and master Finnish.

Score: 8.

Pauliina: Pros: I was expecting songs from Danny that would resemble hits Seven Times Seven or 7,300 days with Oku Luukkainen and Hesa-Äija.

There was an ironic funeral song with johnnycash-like tones.

A plus for the courage of the lyricist and artist.

Cons: There are far too many sad crying hymns heard at Eurovision.

I don’t even dare imagine what a stage show this is going to be like.

Score: 5.

Iida: Pros: The song is touching in its message and Danny delivers its message credibly.

Somewhat reminiscent of Heli Kajo If I die at a young age section.

Cons: What kind of stage show will this make?

Will the meaning of lyrics disappear in the ears of foreign listeners?

Score: 6.

Anna-Maija: Pros: An original subject, and the lyrics iron.

Cons: In a low-key piece, charisma should be enough to push it to its destination.

Danny's lunch isn't quite enough.

I waited for some surprising cannonball to finish, but the embossed truncated into a pancake.

Score: 3.

Total Points: 28

Laura: Play

Tattoo: Pros: Fun country watch.

Cons: I don’t really get caught up in the song’s message but I lose the song to the endless sea of ​​similar visas.

Score: 3.

Heidi: Pros: Laura has the look, sound and experience of international stages, a Eurovision song.

Cons: The song should be packaged in Swedish style, with good choreography and something stylish on top.

Now it is reminiscent of racing from the dance floor of a Tallinn ship.

Score: 4.

Pauliina: Pros: It's nice that Laura, who has often represented Estonia, now aspires to be Finland's representative and at the same time to the Finnish entertainment sky.


Cons: I was already struck by the fact that now a song like Koit Toome's and Laura's funny Verona visa will be available for our competitions as well.

Did not come.

Nor are I people whose hearts are beating to the ground.

Score: 4.

Iida: Pros: Basic good song.

Not particularly good, not bad.

Laura is an experienced performer, so a stage charisma would surely be found.

Cons: The song is pretty bland.

Such are heard in visa qualifiers in different countries every year.

Unfortunately, it is not remembered at all.

Score: 4.

Anna-Maija: Pros: Performance and neckline are visa-eligible.

The song stays in the head for a moment.

Cons: The whole thing is evenly thick, and all the while waiting for a “Wow point” that won’t come.

It's okay to do yees with me.

Score: 4.

Total Points: 19

Axle: Hurt

Tatu: Pros: A comforting song just manages to avoid being too lälly.

Cons: The song is junk in place and I'm starting to miss Axel's previous visa.

Score: 5.

Heidi: Pros: Beautiful song.

Not a gimmick, but a belief in a simple melody and arrangement, a female voice is the only extra element.

Cons: May be too simple for a big stage.

Score: 5.

Pauliina: Pros: The shaft does not disappoint again.

Beautiful voice, sensitive interpretation.

Cons: Compete for the same votes with Oskr.

The same problem plagues that of Oscar, a song that treads too stagnantly.

Score: 6.

Iida: Pros: The sound of the axis is international and the song is beautiful.

Last year's UMK winner will certainly receive sympathy points from the people.

Cons: The song doesn't stay in mind and doesn't grow as it progresses.

Where’s the addictive c-part or the striking chorus?

Score: 7.

Anna-Maija: Pros: The song is beautiful.

Could you still add a point to next year’s song where Aksel pulls hard and high?

There would be capacity.

Cons: Loses the male ballad duel to Oscar.

Forget right after listening.

Score: 6.

Total Points: 29

Blind Channel: Dark Side

Tattoo: Pros: Limp Bizkit at UMK.

Cons: I also love to dance in gloomy moods, but this show is not fierce but childish.

Keskari flashes and Yrjö flies, the gossip.

Even wilderness has already been seen in visas.

Points: 1.

Heidi: Pros: Energetic performance from Oulu residents.

Elegant in its kind.

The performance stays in my mind more than the song itself.

Well done video.

Cons: Went to scream and scream.

The Lord of the same genre won the visas.

Its secret was a costume and a catchy chorus.

Score: 7.

Pauliina: Pros: I appreciate songs that start to explode.

It would surely nail the canal surfers to their couches in Rotterdam.

A dark twist like Linkin Park 20 years ago with a party vibe, that's fine!

Handsome I'm shouting!

Cons: How's it going live?

There have been heavier rock in the wisdom on several occasions, but I agree it has not risen high - except Lordi.

Score: 10.

Iida: Pros: Clearly different from all other candidates.

The song sounds international and I think this could sink into visa fans around the world.

The only one left ringing in the head from the first hearing!

Cons: Rock doesn't just hit.

It seems that Finland has already looked at this card.

Score: 8.

Anna-Maija: Pros: We haven't just started doing something different here, but the song is really good.

Especially the chorus cannons.

I would definitely like to hear the last crunch on the visa platform.

Cons: Rock is always a risk in visas.

Will the energy of the video be transferred to the live stage?

Points: 12.

Total points: 38

Evening: Who am I calling

Tatu: Pros: Represents the current Finnish music landscape well.

Of the three longing in the race, the only one that got me into the mood.

Cons: Little balancing, whether this is a cliché collection or not.

Probably depends on the listener.

Score: 7.

Heidi: Pros: Magical atmosphere.

After all the gloom, it sounded refreshing to listen to a beautiful song and a beautiful sound.

There is a niche in the middle of the corona for power song.

Cons: How does the message and idea of ​​the song work on the Eurovision stage?

Points: 12.

Pauliina: Pros: Cold shivers.

A gorgeous, beautiful song with just the right balance of pomp and lift.

Words that gravely describe loneliness.

The evening would surely come up in Rotterdam.

Cons: The biggest problem with the song is that it faces tough pre-favorites in the I Love You and Dark Side finals.

Score: 8.

Iida: Pros: The evening is one of Finland's most skilled singers and the song is wonderful.

Maybe a cliché power ballad, but I would proudly send this to Rotterdam.

Cons: I can't help but think that Finnish as a singing language vaccinates the points of international fans, so Oskr is still my favorite.

Score: 10.

Anna-Maija: Pros: The touching song of the magnificent Evening improves with every listening.

The feeling comes through even if you don't understand Finnish.

Cons: Victory is sought after, and I still don't see the Finnish song in the top positions, unfortunately.

Score: 8

Total Points: 45

This is how the scores were distributed

  • Evening: 45

  • Oskr: 43

  • Teflon Brothers x Pandora and Blind Channel: 38

  • Axle: 29

  • Danny: 28

  • Laura: 19