The British "Times" newspaper said that the support of former US President Donald Trump from "marginal" groups, which were among his most enthusiastic followers, began to fracture amid the disappointment of his departure from office.

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that Trump described in forums for discussion group "Proud Boys" (Proud Boys) right -

wing extremist, whose members often appear in armed Tjmath as a

"broker paid" and "unusually weak."

Shortly after Joe Biden's victory in the last presidential election, this group urged its followers on Telegram to attend protests against the "stolen" elections, and wrote praising Trump, "Hale, Emperor."

But this week she wrote on the same channel that she would remember Trump as a "complete failure."

QAnon has also turned against Trump, as QAnon, the mysterious figure who started the group, which promotes conspiracy theories, announced his fears that the whole thing was "an elaborate hoax."

Many Kiwanon followers believed that thousands of deep state members would be arrested during an event called "The Storm" on the day of the inauguration.

"Far-right" groups, such as "Department Guards", "America First" and "The 3% Owners" criticized Trump on private telegram channels, as Nicholas Fuentes, leader of "America First" wrote that Trump's response to the Congressional attack on January 6 The second was "very weak and flabby".

Marc-Andre Argentino, a far-right researcher at Concordia University in Texas, told the Seattle Times, "They wanted to arm themselves, start a second civil war and bring down the government on Trump's behalf; but in the end he cannot be as authoritarian and tyrannical as they wanted him to." ".

Ron Watkins, who was the director of the most popular Internet forum "Kiwanon" before resigning after the election, posted, "We gave everything ... Now we need to preserve our chins and get back to our lives as best we can."