The Japanese government denies media reports that it plans to cancel the Tokyo Olympics.

According to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Japan is "resolutely organizing" the Olympics in July-August.

According to the British Times, the Japanese government would have pondered the fate of the Summer Olympics and come to the final conclusion that the Games should be canceled due to the coronavirus situation.

A high-ranking government source has told the newspaper about the matter.

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- There is no seed of truth in this information, assured government spokesman Manabu Sakai.

With a major sporting event, the Japanese government and Tokyo race organizers want to prove that humanity can overcome a coronavirus pandemic.

However, government spokesman Sakai said on Friday that at some point the government must decide that the Games will actually take place.

The coronavirus pandemic moved the Tokyo Games from last summer to next summer.

Last year, the organizers of the competition and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) emphasized that the relocation of the Games would not be possible.

Health concerns related to the Games are on the rise in Japan, which is already going through the third wave of the pandemic.

According to various opinion polls, about four out of five Japanese oppose the organization of the Summer Olympics this year and want the Games to be postponed or canceled.

The health authorities in the Tokyo area are also skeptical, as the Olympics bring together tens of thousands of people.

- The organizers of the competition must give up the idea that huge numbers of guests from other countries would come to the competition.

Holding the Games without an audience should be considered, Haruo Ozaki, president of the Tokyo Medical Association, told Asahi Shimbun on Friday.