Peter Lundgren was charged with sexually harassing a party colleague in a hotel room in connection with a party event in March 2018. Lundgren was acquitted in the district court, but prosecutor Maria Sterup appealed the verdict.

Prior to the hearings in the Göta Court of Appeal, Peter Lundgren has requested that call lists from former party comrade Kristina Winberg's mobile phone be included in the preliminary investigation.

Winbergs recorded a conversation with the woman who, according to the indictment, was subjected to sexual harassment by Lundgren.

The film then ended up with the newspaper Expressen, which published parts of it.

Winberg has claimed that her phone was stolen and that she did not leak the film to the newspaper.

The request is denied

Peter Lundgren claims in his request to the Court of Appeal that the call lists from 2018-2020 would show that Winberg's phone had not been stolen at all.

Lundgren and his defense lawyer claimed in the district court that Winberg had political motives for removing Peter Lundgren as a candidate for the European Parliament election.

If he did not run, her chances would increase to get the last seat for the Sweden Democrats in the European Parliament.

But the Court of Appeal rejects Lundgren's request: "In view of what has been stated regarding the purpose of the requested supplement, the Court of Appeal considers that there is no reason to supplement the preliminary investigation in accordance with what Peter Lundgren has requested", the court writes in its decision.

However, the prosecutor has had to supplement the preliminary investigation with two new audio files, as well as an expert opinion from the National Forensic Center regarding the authenticity of the audio files.

The Court of Appeal has not yet announced when the hearings there will be held.

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In the clip, prosecutor Maria Sterup and lawyer Tor Åström tell what they thought about the trial against Peter Lundgren.

Photo: SVT