You need to be vigilant today on sidewalks, driveways and waters.

Rainfall spreads from the southwest to the ground.

When water freezes on surfaces, sidewalks become deceptively slippery.

The tongue in the middle of the mouth must also move on the roads.

Driving conditions are poor or very poor in much of the country.

On Thursday, it was snowing.

The rainy area has moved to the eastern and northern parts of the country on Friday.

- There is quite heavy snowfall with the wind.

In other words, Iiris Viljamaa, a meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, warns that there are very bad driving conditions in the middle stages of the country and in the north.

See here for crash tips for slipperiness:

Elsewhere, the country is quite rainy.

The weather condenses in the south.

In the afternoon, a rainy area arrives from the southwest.

It rains on the south coast and in the west of the country.

- It is snowier on the Tampere – Jyväskylä axis.

There is snow, sleet or water.

There is a strong wind in the sea area.

The wave is four meters.

The rainy area moves north during the night.

At night and on Saturday morning, the snow catches up with the wind.

It is 10-15 degrees below zero.

In the north, light frosty snow blows.

A walker in a thunderstorm in Helsinki on Thursday. Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

On Saturday, the weather will rain in the south.

Lystia lasts a day.

On Sunday, new low pressure will rise again from the south.

It brings rain to the south.

The heat is close to zero.

- The rain may start on Sunday night as snow, but it will become more watery in the morning.

The quiet period lasts a few days.

As early as the beginning of the week, the heat is close to zero in the south.

The weather cools down a little quietly.

It will be frost for the rest of the week.

In the south, the weather cools to -5 degrees.