January 22, 2021 "I condemn the racial laws of 1938, of which I still feel all the weight on my shoulders and with me the whole Royal House of Savoy and I solemnly declare that we do not recognize ourselves in what King Vittorio Emanuele III did: a painful signature , from which we strongly dissociate ourselves, an unacceptable document, an indelible shadow for my family, a wound still open for the whole of Italy ".

Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia

writes it

in a letter sent "to the Brothers of the Italian Jewish Community".   

"I condemn the racial laws - continues the letter - in memory of my glorious ancestor King Carlo Alberto who on March 29, 1848 was among the first sovereigns of Europe to give Italian Jews full equality of rights. I condemn the racial laws in memory of the numerous Italian Jews who fought with great courage on the battlefields of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as true patriots. I condemn the signing of the racial laws in memory of the visit to the new synagogue in Rome that my great-grandfather Vittorio Emanuele III made in 1904, after that on January 13 of the same year he even said he was in favor of the birth of the Jewish state and thus expressed himself: 'the Jews, for us, are Italians, in all respects' ".