Swiss alpine skier Urs Kryenbühl was seriously injured on Friday in the men’s World Cup downhill race in Kitzbühel.

The 26-year-old crashed drastically in a jumper in the final stages of the descent.

Kryenbühl advanced just before the accident at a rate of as much as 146.7 kilometers per hour.

He got

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The Swiss Ski Association posted the first information on the skier’s health status on Friday night on Twitter.

- On the basis of the first examinations, he had a concussion, his right clavicle was broken and the right ligament and inner ligament of his right knee were torn.

According to the Swiss Ski Association, Kryenbühl spends the night between Friday and Saturday under observation at St. Johann Hospital.

He will be transferred to his home country of Switzerland no earlier than Saturday.