At the House of Councilors plenary session, a representative question was asked in the afternoon regarding Prime Minister Suga's policy speech, and there was a debate over vaccination against the new coronavirus and the third supplementary budget for this year.

Secretary-general Haruha "Frankly to the local government even if it is inconvenient"

Secretary-general Kazuya Shimba of the Democratic Party for the People said, "Do you think that doctors and nurses will be secured and vaccination will be possible in the midst of the medical crisis? Risk communication that frankly informs the local government even if it is inconvenient is the key to success. I said.

Prime Minister Suga said, "We have received responses from related organizations that we would like to fully cooperate in securing medical personnel, and we will secure the necessary system. Have the municipalities in charge of inoculation work prepare firmly. I think it is important to provide the necessary and accurate information properly. "

Communist Secretary General Koike 3rd Supplementary Budget "Drastic Reorganization"

The Communist Party's secretary general, Koike, said of the third supplementary budget for this year, "It was made before the issuance of the state of emergency, and the" Go To "project is worth more than 1 trillion yen on the premise that the infection will be resolved. We should make a drastic reorganization by quitting businesses that are not needed right now and allocating financial resources to medical care and compensation. "

Prime Minister Suga said, "We have a budget that can respond to the new corona countermeasures without rearranging. We will establish it early, utilize reserve funds, prevent the spread of infection, and protect the economy and people's lives." Said.

Communist Secretary General Koike "Very empty and empty answers"

At a press conference, Communist Party Secretary-General Koike said, "Prime Minister Suga has hardly answered this point, perhaps because he dislikes looking at reality. It seems to be very empty and sniffed by a tree. I didn't feel any response at all because all the answers were empty. I would like to continue to ask for an answer based on the facts. "

Mr. Masayo Tanabu, Ritsumin CSF of bird inf and pig "risk is increasing"

Masayo Tanabu of the Constitutional Democratic Party said that CSF = classical swine fever of bird flu and swine infectious disease has been confirmed in various places. "The risk of livestock infectious disease is increasing nationwide. How to tackle epidemic prevention measures? Is it? "

Prime Minister Suga said, "In order for livestock farmers to continue their business with peace of mind, it is essential to prevent outbreaks. In the unlikely event of an outbreak, the relevant ministries and agencies will work together to restrict the movement of livestock and slaughter them. We will proceed with epidemic prevention measures promptly. "

Liberal Democratic Party Takeyuki Watanabe Increasing number of suicides "How to take measures"

Mr. Takeyuki Watanabe of the Liberal Democratic Party asked about the increase in suicides, "The spread of infectious diseases tends to drive us not only economically but also psychologically. How should we take measures?"

Prime Minister Suga said, "In particular, the rate of increase in young people and women is high. We will take comprehensive measures with the aim of realizing a society that is not forced to commit suicide, such as expanding the consultation system and disseminating the consultation desk. We will promote it. "

The representative questions of each party will end on the 22nd, and from the 25th next week, the House of Representatives Budget Committee will begin deliberation on the third supplementary budget for this year, and the debate between the ruling and opposition parties will begin in earnest.