Traditional log cabin: 50 sqm, downstairs living room / kitchen, upstairs sleeping areas.

Outside a large lawn and a small river.

On the terrace lot where to enjoy life.

In 2008, Heli Höök, who lives in Kaustinen, built a cottage on Peräseinäjoki, which was to be used by herself.

Then life started to be so busy that the cottage was left in little use.

The interior of the cottage is traditional, but well equipped. Photo: Heli Höök's home album

Heli Höök and the other owner of the cottage, Mika Höök, decided to try an Airbnb rental, from which a friend had a good experience.

The first lease year in 2019 was learning, but Korona blew up the bank.

Since 2020, it has felt like tenants are coming through doors and windows.

Especially around Christmas, it felt like there would have been more entrants to replace the canceled bookings.

- People now seem to be looking for a place that is away from the crowd.

We had to put the calendar on at some point, because the rental will do the work for ourselves, Heli Höök tells Ilta-Sanomat.

Newspaper Länsi-Suomi was the first to write about Heli Höök's cottage rental.

"This is not a gold mine"

Cottage tenants have been winners of the Corona period.

Juha-Pekka Olkkola, CEO of Lomarenka, previously estimated that the total number of cottage bookings increased by as much as 15–30 per cent during Christmas, depending on the region.

Olkkola predicted a decrease in provisions for January.

Typically, January has been the time of Russian tourists in Finland.

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There have been enough people to come to Heli Höök's cottage, but he doesn't call Airbnb an actual money step.

Christmas time was a particularly popular booking time. Photo: Heli Höök's home album

The sauna can be used in winter. Photo: Heli Höök's home album

The rental price of the cottage with service fees is 123 euros per night.

The heated lot is rented separately for a daily fee of 75 euros.

About 75 euros will be left in the rent, from which taxes will still be deducted, Höök estimates.

- Guests have to pay Airbnb extra.

Taxes must also be paid.

So this is not a gold mine, but it still makes sense.

It’s nice to get feedback that we want to come again.

The gratitude and well-being of others also feeds myself.

Höök says that the income from the cottage is put into the maintenance work of the cottage.

Next, the bathroom and sauna will be renovated.

Repairs are possible with Airbnb revenue.

- Thoughts are also translucent to paint the cottage at some point.

So the money will serve the following customers of the cottage.

Renter, invests in good equipment

About 40 tenants have visited Peräseinäjoki Airbnb cottage in a couple of years through Airbnb.

In addition to this, there are a few who have come through push radio.

According to Heli Höök, the service of the guests is nice, but it also does the work.

They have the work divided in half with Mika Höök.

Sometimes a friend who has had time to get to the cottage more smoothly than Heli, who lives 150 kilometers away, has also been a cleaning aid.

Everything has gone smoothly with the tenants.

- I have banned the rental documentation celebrations, because we want to, places that degrade and neighbors have peace.

Höök urges other people who dream of cottage rental activities to think about what they would like from their cottage holiday.

Many can be rented separately. Photo: Heli Höök's home album

He has been praised especially for the fact that the cottage is well equipped, “detached house level”.

Many have admired investing in quality.

- For example, the dishes are not different pairs of flea market finds but the same set.

Women in particular seem to pay attention to dishes and soft linens.

It is also useful that there is something to do near the rental cottage.

Nearby is the popular Kalajärvi with its nature trails.

The guests also make trips from the cottage to the Tuuri village shop.

Above all, renting your own cottage requires enthusiasm.

You have to enjoy doing.

- This is worth doing for a love of the sport.

Have you earned extra by renting a cottage?

What kind of experience do you have with renting?

Send a message to:

"At best, the earnings are several thousand euros a month"

Renting a cottage during Korona can be a good way to get extra road bills.

Joonas Voltti, an expert who wrote a quick guide to airbnb accommodation, has noticed that accommodation in nature sites is now particularly well rented.

- Airbnb revenues have risen the most in Kemiö, but demand for cottages has increased all over Finland.

Airbnb revenues have also risen in Lapland's natural sites.

Big cities, on the other hand, are suffering from the collapse of foreign tourists and business tourism.

- In Rovaniemi, the number of active Airbnb sites decreased by as much as 54 percent from a year ago.

In general, there is now a lot of demand for cottages.

Voltti urges those interested to try renting boldly.

–– Income varies a lot depending on the equipment, size and location of the cottage, but at its best, the earnings are several thousand euros a month.

During the corona period, renters should invest especially in cleaning.

Simple ways to increase the safety of an object are to wipe or disinfect landing stages, door handles and remote controls, as well as ventilate well between guests.

- Good cleanliness can also be added to the introductory text of the item for information, or even put your hand on the item for guests, Voltti suggests.