Frankfurt / Main (dpa) - Association chief Alfons Hölzl warns of a cultural change in German gymnastics after the incidents at the Olympic base in Saxony.

"A gold medal at the Olympic Games has no long-term value if a gymnast describes afterwards what suffering he has experienced and what terrible life he has had," said the President of the German Gymnastics Federation on Friday.

The DTB had previously published the results of an investigation into the allegations made by athletes against the Chemnitz gymnastics trainer Gabriele Frehse.

«It is not a one-off derailment, it is a serious breach of duty.

On behalf of gymnastics, we apologize to the athletes for the suffering they have experienced, "said Hölzl.

Several athletes such as the former balance beam world champion Pauline Schäfer had accused Frehse of harassing her in training, administering medication without a doctor's prescription and not allowing any objection.

The trainer denied these allegations several times and also during a questionnaire as part of the investigations, which the «Spiegel» first reported on the previous year.

It is about baseless accusations and falsehoods.

A Frankfurt law firm commissioned by the DTB, on the other hand, came to the result, among other things, that “in 17 cases there were sufficient actual indications for the use of psychological violence by the trainer”.


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