Mannheim (dpa / lsw) - The Baden-Württemberg administrative court has overturned the general closure of dog salons in the wake of the corona pandemic.

Accordingly, such salons are allowed to reopen with immediate effect, where the animal can be returned within a certain time window and then picked up again, as the court announced on Friday in Mannheim.

The operator of a dog salon had sued the state's Corona regulation in an urgent procedure.

According to the court, she argued that there was no contact between people in her salon that would establish a path of infection.

Already in March 2020 she set up a kind of lock operation to hand over the animals, which prevents direct contact between her and the customers.

Payment is made on account or via other contactless payment methods.

Appointments are allocated with buffer time so that there are no contacts between customers.

The administrative court followed the woman's argument.

Because in the meantime pick-up offers are allowed for closed retail.

Not allowing comparable dog salons would violate the general principle of equal treatment, ruled the Senate.

When the coronavirus is transmitted, person-to-person contact is crucial.

That distinguishes dog hairdressing salons from hairdressers for people who are still closed without exception.

No legal remedies are possible against the decision.


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