Three weeks ago, Dan Eliasson left his post at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) after receiving harsh criticism for traveling to the Canary Islands as head of the country's crisis authority during the Christmas weekend, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Now he has signed a new contract.

In his new role as Director General, he will retain "the same title and unchanged terms of employment", states the Government Offices' press service for SVT.

- Dan Eliasson has been commissioned to analyze the need for a review of constitutional preparedness.

He will overall identify the areas where it is most important to review the legislation in order to be able to handle crises of varying nature, the Government Offices' press service writes in an email to SVT.

Eliasson will belong to the Government Offices' Unit for Society's Crisis Preparedness (SSK), which reports to the Ministry of Justice.

Several authorities are under the unit - including his old workplace MSB.

However, he will not work with the coordination of either the Government's or the Government Offices' crisis preparedness, but his position is purely legal - investigate whether Swedish legislation is improved in any way so that decisions can be made faster and more effectively in future crises.

"Elephant Cemetery"

Heads of state who have ended up in bad weather and had to leave their posts are often relocated to the Government Offices, which has also been called the "elephant cemetery".

These relocated top officials may, among other things, be responsible for various investigations or otherwise assist with their specialist knowledge.

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This is not the first time Dan Eliasson has changed jobs after criticism.

Photo: SVT / TT

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