Swedish State Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has been sharply criticized by Coron Affairs Adviser to new US President Joe Biden.

Andy Slavitt evaluates Tegnell’s corona strategy on Twitter.

According to Slavitt, Tegnell’s strategy cannot indefinitely lead to human deaths until Tegnell is either fired or compared to the Nazis.

Nazi Germany conducted brutal human experiments in medicine during World War II.

Before the turn of the year, Slavitt claimed in her tweet that Sweden’s coronal line has been to protect the elderly while striving for herd immunity.

Tegnell and the Swedish Public Health Agency have denied that the country sought the herd immunity brought about by the diseases.

Flock protection, or herd immunity, arises when enough people gain immunity to the virus and the disease can no longer spread in the population.

Immunity can be obtained either by illness or by vaccination.

The coronavirus has caused significantly more deaths and infections in Sweden than in the other Nordic countries.

Prior to joining Biden, Andy Slavitt worked for a Swiss company that manufactures respirators.