In a trial over the suspension of service to the social media "Parlor", which is widely used by conservatives, after the invasion of the federal parliament in the United States, the local court serviced He has decided to dismiss the parliamentary appeal for the resumption of the service.

The new social media "parlor" has been widely used by conservatives such as supporters of former President Trump, who advocate freedom of speech and, in principle, do not check the content posted by users.

Amazon, a major IT company, has been used to run the parlor site, but this month, supporters of former President Trump broke into Congress and responded to posts that encouraged violence. Amazon has stopped providing the services needed to run the parliament, saying it was inadequate.

In response, the parlor operator has filed a lawsuit seeking resumption, claiming it was based on political hostility.

A federal district court in western Washington said yesterday that the operating company's proof was insufficient and that Amazon could not be forced to maintain social media, including violent posts, given the intrusion case. He made a decision to dismiss the complaint.

Regarding the parlor, Google and Apple have suspended the distribution of the application in response to the incident, and each company is strengthening the response.