For the second day in a row, the aid ship “Ocean Viking” rescued well over 100 boat migrants in the Mediterranean off Libya from distress.

The operating organization SOS Méditerranée announced on Friday that the ship now has more than 250 refugees on board.

Around 140 to 150 people, including children again, were taken from two rubber dinghies in the early morning.

The day before, the "Ocean Viking" took 119 people from Guinea, Mali, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast on board, a spokeswoman said.

Ten women were among them.

59 people from this group are minors.

After a month-long break, the auxiliary ship left the French port of Marseille for the central Mediterranean almost two weeks ago.


Civil war has been raging in Libya for almost ten years.

The country has developed into one of the most important transit areas for migrants on their way to Europe.

Many want to enter Europe via Italy.