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Question: Xi Jinping visits the Winter Olympics, and then show "beginner's mind" and "commitment"

  Author Xing Chong Li Jingze

  Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission recently visited Beijing and Hebei to learn about the preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

This is his field trip to the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics at the beginning of a new year after 2017 and 2019.

  During this trip, Xi Jinping pointed out that “it is necessary to promote the leapfrog development of my country’s ice and snow sports through the hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Winter Games, fill in the gaps, strengths and weaknesses, and gradually solve the problem of strong competitive sports, weak mass sports and weak summers and weak winters. The issue of'strong ice and weak snow' promotes the high-quality development of sports in the new era."

  Xi Jinping has always wanted to build a sports power.

During this trip, he once again emphasized that this "is an important goal for comprehensively building a modern socialist country."

  This "initial heart" was mentioned at the beginning of the new year seven years ago.

At the beginning of 2014, in Sochi, Russia, Xi Jinping told IOC President Bach: “In China, snow and ice sports do not enter Shanhaiguan. If the ice and snow projects can be promoted within the customs, it is expected that more people will be able to participate in the two to three billion people. This ignites the torch of China's ice and snow sports."

  Today, the Beijing Winter Olympics will enter the first anniversary of the countdown. China's ice and snow sports not only entered Shanhaiguan, but also moved from winter to the four seasons.

In the past five years, the number of national standard skating venues has increased from 157 to 388, and the total number of ski resorts has increased from 568 to 770; more than 3,000 mass ice and snow events such as the "National Public Ice and Snow Season" and "China Ice and Snow Conference" are held every year in China. Activities, the proportion of people participating in ice and snow sports has exceeded 15%.

  In many Winter Olympics inspections, preparations for athletes have always been Xi Jinping's concern.

As ice and snow sports continue to "heat up" among the people, China's competitive ice and snow has also made great progress.

  At the beginning of 2017, Xi Jinping pointed out when communicating with athletes at the Capital Gymnasium, “The current situation of ice and snow sports in my country is that ice is stronger than snow. Ice sports must consolidate advantages and reach a new level; snow sports must catch up and make up for the shortcomings."

  For this reason, the Chinese Winter Olympics Corps put forward a preparation plan of "expanding, fixing, optimizing, and sprinting". At the end of 2018, it will cover all 109 events of the Beijing Winter Olympics and establish 31 national training teams; in 2019, we will fully promote the "fixed point" , The number of players preparing for the battle has been reduced to 1,153; in 2020, the number of training teams will increase to 35, and the actual combat training will be performed.

In just over two years, many ice and snow projects in China have been developed from scratch, and some have reached the world's advanced level.

  During this trip, Xi Jinping once again inspected the athletes’ training and issued a mobilization order for the preparations for the Winter Olympics. He came to the expanded Capital Gymnasium. He sent a message to figure skating and short-track speed skaters “strengthen technological innovation and learn from advanced foreign concepts and Technology, and continuously improve the level of training and competition." At the newly built National Alpine Ski Center, he encouraged athletes to "train scientifically, pay attention to safety, take care of their bodies, improve their level, and give full play to their advantages in the competition at the door of the house, and strive to compete in alpine skiing." Achieve zero medal breakthrough".

  Looking back seven years ago, the "torch of ice and snow sports" mentioned by Xi Jinping had been lit.

  Nowadays, the integration of Chinese sports and international sports is even closer, and the "initial aspiration" of building a sports power is in the same line with the Olympic mission of "making sports serve the harmonious development of mankind".

China has always regarded hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics as a solemn commitment to the international Olympic movement, and this "commitment" has never changed.

  "The preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics have entered a critical period. It is necessary to focus on the goal of holding the games as scheduled, comprehensively sort out and effectively implement various tasks." During this inspection, Xi Jinping hosted the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on the 20th. Said during a briefing on the preparations for the Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympics.

  Since Beijing’s successful bid for the Winter Olympics in 2015, in meetings with IOC President Bach and other occasions, Xi Jinping has frequently mentioned “fully fulfilling every promise”, “promising to run it well”, and “dedicating to the world for a wonderful event. , An extraordinary and remarkable Winter Olympics".

  "We must not only run the Olympic Winter Games well, but also make it unique, exciting, and unique." At the moment, this promise is even more eloquent-the global new crown pneumonia epidemic raged last year and major sports events The suspension, the International Olympic Movement was hit hard, and the Summer Olympics were postponed for the first time.

China is still fulfilling its commitments in its Olympic bid and injecting certainty into the uncertain international Olympic movement.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China has been steadily advancing the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics as planned while strictly preventing and controlling. The construction of all competition venues was completed ahead of schedule at the end of last year.

The International Olympic Committee praised many times, saying that Beijing's preparations are "extremely smooth."

  China's commitment to the Olympic bid has not only enabled the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics to "achieve satisfactory results," it has also promoted the steady and long-term development of global sports governance in the current uncertainties of the international Olympic movement.

  For example, under strict epidemic prevention measures, domestic sports events took the lead in rematches worldwide; ITTF World Cup, finals and other top events were restarted in China. The epidemic prevention policy of “observing while training” has been universally recognized by athletes. Set a benchmark for how to run the game under the epidemic.

  For another example, the Chinese gymnastics team went to Japan to participate in the "Unity and Friendship" four-nation competition, and the four Chinese Super League teams went to Doha to compete in the AFC, which means that the world sports are back on track.

  During this inspection, Xi Jinping once again regarded the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics as "a solemn commitment to the international community."

He emphasized that “we must plan ahead and make scientific judgments”, “combined with the new situation, re-planning and adjustment of various tasks, and earnestly focus on the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and organizing events”, “highlighting simplicity , Safe and exciting' requirements for running the game", "strive to contribute to the world a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games".

  From bid to host the Olympics, the "initial intention" and "promise" remain unchanged.

"Meet in Beijing in 2022", I believe that one year later, this Olympic Games will definitely make the world after "Through the Darkness" look forward to more.