Hamburg (AP) - The Hamburg TV chef Tim Mälzer (49) still loves his childhood food.

"That's the Wackelpeter, that's my canned ravioli, spaghetti Bolognese and, funnily enough, something like specialty for certain delights," said Mälzer of the German Press Agency in Hamburg.

Even today he still likes to eat everything fried and ready-made dishes, "which may not have an aromatic finesse, but which simply satisfy basic needs to the utmost."

This also includes the hot dog from Ikea, the roast set of meatballs, canned mandarins and ready-made mayo.

"You never lose a child's taste."

Often he even has to apologize for it.

His box of “guilty pleasures” (pleasures for which one feels guilty) is definitely “very full”.


Mälzer has a total of four restaurants.

In his two Hamburg shops - "Bullerei" and "Die Gute Nachrichten" - he employs around 100 people who are still employed by him despite the Corona crisis and the lockdown.

He can also be seen in several cooking programs, including “Kitchen Impossible” on Vox.

On January 22nd, Mälzer is celebrating his 50th birthday with a large online cooking party that he wants to stream from the restaurant “The Good Message” on the Outer Alster into the social networks.

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