A touching image of a man in a blue uniform kneeling at the grave of President Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden in Greenville, Delaware, has spread on social media.

Meanwhile, President Biden gave his inaugural speech in Washington DC.

According to USA Today, the person had pressed his head during the speech and crossed his arms.

The weather was chilly and windy and there were no other visitors to St. Joseph on the Brandywine Church Cemetery.

The reporter Patricia Talorico, who took the picture, writes in Delaware News Journals that her and Beau Biden’s roads had crossed every now and then, even though they didn’t know each other.

One encounter in particular was remembered.

Beau and Joe Biden at the Democratic Party Conference in 2008. Barack Obama was then nominated as a Democratic presidential candidate and Joe Biden as his vice presidential candidate.

The duo won the election and served two seasons. Photo: Brian Baer / Zuma / MVphotos

Talorico says he followed a politician because of his job, whose political opponent apparently did not like the attention the politician received and had barked at Talorico.

The reporter recalls desperately going through his notes on a bench in a Wilmington school when he heard a gentle voice, “Hey, how are you?

Are you okay?"

Talorico says he looked up and saw Beau Biden's face.

The man had reached out and introduced himself.

The duo talked for a while, Talorico says.

Beau Biden was not yet in public office at the time.

- He was just kind.

It wasn’t a big gesture but a small one, but somehow, it changed my day.

I never forgot that kind of gesture, Talorico writes.

Beau Biden was the president's eldest son.

He served as Delaware Minister of Justice and was a member of the State National Guard.

Beau Biden died of cancer in 2015 at the age of 46.

He had two children.

Joe Biden has told the public about the grief caused by the loss of his son. Photo: Brian Baer / Zuma / MVphotos

President Biden has often spoken of the grief caused by the death of his son.

Joe Biden spoke for the last time in Delaware before his inauguration in front of the main building of the National Guard, named after his son Beau.

Joe Biden moved to say goodbye to Delaware before leaving for his inauguration in Washington DC.

Biden said he was upset that Beau's boy couldn't be on site. Photo: TOM BRENNER / Reuters

Taloricon writes that he attended Beau Biden’s funeral and attended an event for Beau Biden’s loved ones after the Funeral.

According to Talorico, Beau Biden was on his mind when he was sent to write about possible celebrations on Joe Biden’s inauguration day in Delaware.

Talorico decided to deviate from Beau Biden's grave.

Seeing the man, Talorico remembered Beau Biden's friendly gesture.

He decided not to disturb the visitor's moment at the tomb but drove away.