Store sledges and online store selections again swell underwear, which is sold at a discount of up to 70 percent.

Who will have time to buy them all before the spring season point already pushes into stores?

In recent years, it has been reported that clothing giants are massively destroying clothing that has not been traded.

So should the clothes of the Alerecs be saved from destruction?

Could shopping be a small eco-act?

- No, says Anniina Nurmi.

He is an expert and consultant in the responsible clothing industry.

Although there is no point in destroying clothes, according to Nurmi, you should not go on a rescue trip to clothing stores.

- If clothes are bought, clothing chains receive a signal that the clothes are selling, not that the clothes should be produced less.

It does nothing to help the root cause of the problem, the overproduction of clothes, more and more and cheaper.

Consumption is not an environmental act.

The consumer who goes to the rescue shopping only bases himself on buying the remission of sins.

Clothes should be valued more

The cycle of clothes is fast.

Stores need to be constantly attracting new shoppers, and last season’s clothing needs to get out from under them.

So they end up on sale.

According to Anniina Nurmi, discount sales could actually be given up altogether.

If a garment is cheap, it will be easily purchased, even if there is no need for it.

At the same time, the perception of the real price of clothing is blurred and the value of clothing decreases.

In that sense, discount sales increase unnecessary consumption.

- The garment of the previous season will not get any worse when the new season starts.

Both businesses and consumers should value clothes more in general.

But the whole system is all in the alley when clothes are produced much more than sold.

If supply and demand were in balance, there would be no need to sell clothes at a discount.

Nurmi encourages consumers to inquire about companies where unsold clothing ends up in e-mails and somes.

However, he believes that legislation is also needed for a big change.