It was carried out by 6,068 community service volunteers last year

Sharjah records 106 thousand volunteer hours during the "Corona" pandemic

  • Volunteers distribute plastic prayer rugs to worshipers.

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  • Hessa Al Hammadi Government agencies had a major role in activating the online volunteering platform.


The Sharjah Social Services Department reported that 6,068 volunteers participated in community service with 106 thousand and 430 volunteer hours, through 188 volunteer opportunities last year, and they had a major role in community service during the Corona crisis, by supporting and encouraging the state’s efforts in various fields to combat the pandemic. .

The Director of the Community Cohesion Department, Hessa Al-Hammadi, told "Emirates Today" that the department has sought, since the Corona pandemic, to develop a comprehensive plan for volunteer work, focusing on all groups of society, through their participation in the volunteer field or providing services to them, which included several groups For those over the age of 18, or less than 18 years, as the tasks of each category differ between organizational and administrative work in field and virtual volunteering, whether general, specialized or selective volunteering.

She added that the department provided a platform for those wishing to volunteer to submit the request and record the required data. After accepting the request, the volunteer can enter the volunteer opportunities page and choose the appropriate opportunity to participate in it.

She pointed out that the volunteering opportunities that were presented on the volunteering platform focused on health, disasters and crises, social solidarity, nation service and other other areas, pointing out that volunteer opportunities were classified into clinical trials of the "Covid-19" vaccine, responding to the Corona pandemic, and shopping in comfort and safety. , A prevention potion, a safe Friday, and the first line of defense, in addition to many volunteer opportunities.

It reported that government agencies had a major role in activating the online platform for volunteering during the Corona pandemic by offering volunteer opportunities and programs, such as the Sharjah Police General Command, Sharjah Police Research Center, Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Sharjah Cooperative Society, Endowment Department, Human Resources Department, and Department Economic development, and other government departments.

She emphasized that the department will make every effort to consolidate the values ​​of volunteering and social responsibility, pointing out that the reactions of all volunteers and organizers give an impetus to the continuation of volunteer work.

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