Offering series and movies, Netflix brings users a new button that plays random but customized content.

Currently, the name of the feature is Shuffle Play in English, but that could still change, Netflix told TechCrunch.

The streaming service referred to the function in its interim report.

Shuffle is scheduled to be introduced to all users around the world in the first half of this year.

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Initially, the operation was inaugurated last August.

Some users of the Netflix TV app have seen a button in their home view that plays content randomly.

Randomly displayed content can be an unfinished series, a program on the watch list, or a selection based on previous viewing preferences.

But errors have also occurred during the test.

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The goal is to reduce the idle time spent in the service when looking for what to watch.

According to Netflix, the test has only affected some TV users, and users have responded positively to the test.