US President Donald Trump, who has relinquished power, will have to put up with his YouTube cooler for longer than the original.

The Google-owned video service told CNBC it would continue to block the Trump channel for a week.

Therefore, the block will be lifted next Tuesday at the earliest.

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YouTube imposed a ban last week after Trump posted false allegations in his account of 2.79 million followers stealing the presidential election.

Trump has not accepted that he lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden.

The video appeared in connection with an attack on the U.S. Congress.

You can still watch old videos on Trump's channel, but the release of new ones is blocked.

Additionally, video comments are hidden.

According to YouTube, the block was continued because there is a threat of ongoing violence.

Trump’s comments have been too much for many other online services as well.

Twitter, for example, permanently blocked Trump’s personal account after he was interpreted as inciting violence in his posts.

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Facebook and Twitch have blocked Trump so far.