• Renzi: "An incomprehensible crisis? No, we need a stronger government"

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    Renzi: "Without us they don't have the numbers"

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    "No crisis before moving to CDM"

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    Bellanova: "The Task Force is gone, step forward"


January 21, 2021 "It was not a match between two egos, but a political confrontation on the future of the country" and now "I would suggest more caution to those who want to do without us. Without Italia Viva there is no majority even in the commissions", "not there is a majority. It does not exist. Two minorities have emerged from the vote in the Senate and the fact that Conte continues to pretend nothing in order not to leave the seat does not scare me, I'm sorry. Especially for him ".

So Matteo Renzi in an interview with Avvenire.

"It is certainly not Conte's fault if there is Covid. But it is up to the government to make a qualitative leap in the response. We only ask to do better by vaccinating teachers, spending the money of the Mes, working on youth employment and not on subsidies "," we had to fight, beat our fists on the table, ask for an audience, go to TV. In the end we got something only after the resignations of Teresa Bellanova, Elena Bonetti and Ivan Scalfarotto, three people who proved with facts that ideas always come before armchairs. For Conte it is the opposite: his personal destiny comes first, then the common good. But if he doesn't have the numbers, he holds the Senate hostage ".

And he denies having called Conte anti-democratic: "I only mentioned a speech by a senator of the Democratic Party, Luigi Zanda, who asked to change the method in Parliament and with decrees. Democracy requires answers in Parliament".

He replies to the premier who accuses Iv of being a party of "aggressors": "This is a lie. I am not replying as I should only out of institutional respect to the Prime Minister. But I say that more than a month ago we wrote a letter with our proposals . She didn't even answer. Does that seem the way to do it? "

and "the spectacle of the market set up in Palazzo Madama is indecorous. A sad show that Italy does not deserve. The 5 stars have gone from one to one as good as the other. The Pd, now immobile, renounces any reformist connotation. I ask Conte: do not call the senators, call Pfizer to find out why they have reduced vaccines ".

Then he assures: "Whatever the President of the Republic decides will have our full consent. In a difficult game the last thing to do is to challenge the referee."  

Bellanova: "Conte blocks the country, there is a risk of social anger"

"The prime minister is keeping the country blocked in order to exclusively defend his chair.

Thus the senator of Iv, Teresa Bellanova.

"On Conte's part there was an attitude of closure that I also consider arrogant, because in recent months I have really put my soul into it for the contribution I have tried to give as head of the IV delegation to the government - continued Bellanova - I expected more listening from Conte, instead there was only closure, often arrogance, until the last moment when I sent him a message to announce what we were about to do and he didn't even answer me ".

Then he concludes: "I would expect from Conte a search for consensus within the perimeter of the majority that had gone on for a year. I fear instead that Conte will continue to search for dissatisfied senators, those who are afraid to go to the vote. This is detrimental to politics and the country ".