Narcotics and a knife seized during a banal control in Nantes.


National police

Initially, it was a simple verification of certificate and identity in the context of compliance with the curfew.

But the police stationed Tuesday evening rue de la Contrie, near the Dervallières district in Nantes, made unexpected discoveries by controlling two young men riding a bicycle.

The first, aged 21, refused to disclose his identity.

He was found carrying a switchblade knife as well as narcotics: 10 sachets of herbal cannabis (34 grams) and 10 sachets and cannabis resin (39 grams).

He also had in his pockets the sum of 1,930 euros in banknotes, police reports.

Weaponry prohibited

The second, aged 18, also carried a switchblade knife.

Wearing these knife models is prohibited.

The two cyclists were arrested, police said.

The respondent refusing to disclose his identity was taken into police custody.

The youngest was summoned to the police station.

The investigation is ongoing.


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