The costs of divorce proceedings start at around $ 1,150 in the United States.


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A law firm in Crossville (United States) is organizing a competition in which the winner will win free representation in a divorce case.

Lawyers launched this initiative on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

The candidates have until February 15 to participate, indicates


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The winner will be announced four days later.

You have to live in the state of Tennessee to be able to compete.

Applicants must send an email to Power Law lawyers in which they describe their story.

Organizers said only divorces by mutual consent and accompanied by little or no custody disputes would be considered.

They are committed to offering all the costs of legal representation.

Divorce costs at least $ 1,150

These include the cost of preparing and registering legal documents.

“A lot of people stay married just because they can't afford it financially.

Divorces are very expensive, said Timothy Sexton, a Power Law employee.

Prices generally start at $ 1,150 (around 950 ”) and not everyone has that amount available”.

"We are a tight-knit community, here we don't like to see people suffer," added the lawyer.

So if we can do something to help someone, we want to do it ”.

Among the candidates for free divorce already declared is a couple living apart for twenty years, explained Timothy Sexton.

The two former lovers, however, do not have the means to finance divorce proceedings.

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