ENCE has officially confirmed the line-up of its Counter-Strike team for 2021. Yle Sports has revealed the line-up to its sources as early as Tuesday.

Only Aleksi “allu” Jalli and Joonas “doto” Forss will continue from last year's line-up, alongside Israeli Lotan “Spinx” Giladi, Polish Pawel “dycha” Dycha and Danish Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer.

The team is coached by Eetu “sAw” Saha.

In addition to the three foreign players, ENCE confirmed that Tuomas “SADDYX” Louhimaa had signed a contract in December, but he is not part of the new line-up.

Louhimaa was left out of the assembly during the reconstruction.

According to the release, a 19-year-old player is currently looking for a new team.

19-year-old Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen is also not part of the new CS line-up, as IS reported last week.

He still has an agreement with ENCE and the player’s future plans are currently being discussed.

According to IS's information, Olkkonen is considering changing the game to Valorant.

According to the press release, Olkkonen's exclusion was influenced by, among other things, the controversial major game ban, which prevents the player from participating in the game's number one tournament.

The new line-up was built with the idea that it could also compete in the majors in the future.

Tuomas “SADDYX” Louhimaa signed a contract with ENCE in December, but was eventually left without a venue during the reconstruction. Photo: Tuomo Väkevä / ENCE

ENCE had to significantly revamp the CS team when a special series of events began with an interview given by Jall in December.

Salo tweeted in the middle of the program that not all of Jalli's message should be swallowed without biting.

According to Salo, Jalli is not “as simple and harmless a person as many think”.

Salo didn’t open out his comment in more detail, but said he raised the cat to the table, “because no one else did or could do it”.

According to Salo, there is a reason why Jalli is the only remaining ENCE player in the line-up to be introduced in spring 2018.

Current and old ENCE players react differently to salon tweets.

As a result of the uproar, Jalli became the focus of criticism.

The forums wanted Jall to leave ENCE, but the organization still sticks to its star name.

According to the sawmill, Jalli was wanted in the lineup because he is an experienced world-class sniper rifle player who can help younger players in particular.

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During the reconstruction, in addition to Olkkonen and Louhimaa, assistant coach Slaava “Twista” Räsänen was allowed to leave.

The matter was announced on Monday.

In addition to Olkkonen and Louhimaa, Jere “Sergej” Salo, who left for the army, and Miikka “suNny” Kemp, who is looking for a new team, still have a valid contract.

Both announced as early as last year that they would step aside.

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Two promising names and a veteran

The hottest name of the new players is 23-year-old Dycha.

He will move from German Sprout, where he was the team’s driving force last year.

20-year-old Giladi is the youngest player on the team, whose screens against top international names are still scarce.

Both Dycha and Giladi have excelled in the FPL gaming service, where pros and promising players usually play with each other in the evenings and at night.

The best will be rewarded with cash prizes.

Giladi won the service’s monthly race in August 2020 and Dycha in December 2020.

Pfeiffer, 30, who has more than 10 years of gaming experience, will start as ENCE’s new game manager.

He will be especially remembered as the captain of the Heroic team from 2016–18 and 19–20.

Team coach Saha talks about building a new team:

The only confirmed tournament so far for the revamped ENCE is the ESL Pro League, which starts on March 10th.

The top league is attended by 24 teams from around the world.

ENCE is one of the partner teams in the series.

However, the team will debut with these prospects as early as February, Saha says in a video about the new lineup.

The team wants to have official matches under their belts even before important EPL matches, where the top names on the world list are set against.