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The unions of Aéroports de Paris (ADP) denounced Thursday in a press release the threat of management to organize a PES in case of refusal of the "adaptation plan of employment contracts" which provides for substantial salary cuts for employees.

The management had undertaken "not to proceed with redundancies for economic reasons" before January 1, 2022, after the signing of a collective contractual termination agreement (RCC) in December providing for the departure of 1,150 employees, including 700 not replaced.

However, it has placed on the agenda of a social and economic committee (CSE) scheduled for Thursday "the opening of negotiations on a PSE", write the unions CFE-CGC, CGT and FO in a press release common.

This CSE was to be devoted to the "work contract adaptation plan", which provides for wage cuts for ADP employees, faced with a significant drop in activity due to the covid-19 pandemic.

According to Véronique Pigueron of the CFE-CGC, the first union at ADP, the plan would lead to wage cuts "of up to -15%".

"What is not moving is the basic salary, the seniority bonus and that for large families. All additional bonuses are revised downwards," she told AFP.

"Some agreements are also denounced", added Daniel Bertone, CGT general secretary at ADP.

"The measures to modify the employment contract (...) could result in a massive rejection which would lead to layoffs", warns Unsa, which criticizes "an unacceptable prospect" in a separate press release.

ADP employees "are ready as a whole to be the actors of their future" but have lost confidence, asserts Unsa, as shown by the number of candidates leaving under the RCC (around 1,200 according to several sources ).

CEO Augustin de Romanet wishes above all to "reduce the wage bill and return to social gains to prepare for privatization, using the health crisis as an opportunity," denounce the CFE-CGC, FO and the CGT.

And "the majority shareholder state lets it go", they add.

"How can the State wish to sell something in which it is the majority shareholder (...) while it is opposed to the sale of Carrefour? There is something that escapes me" questioned Véronique Pigueron.

To avoid any dismissal, the unions want the reopening of negotiations on long-term partial activity (APLD), a subject already discussed in the fall, but which did not lead to an agreement.

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