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In Thailand, Mr. Mahapan, a fisherman in his twenties, picked up Yongyeonhyang, which is called the'Sea Lotto'.

Yongyeonhyang is the excrement of male sperm whales and is used as a high-quality perfume material, and has a very high value.

At first, it smells bad, but when exposed to sunlight and salt while wandering the sea for a long time, the color fades and gives off a good scent.

Mr. Mahapan recently went out to catch mullets and encountered bad weather, and while hurriedly turning his bow, he found an object of an unusual color.

At first, I thought it was just a rock, but when I melted some of the lumps according to the advice of the elders in the neighborhood, I felt a pleasant scent.

As a result of the appraisal, it is said that the value of the whole lump picked up by Mr. Mahapan amounts to 315 million won, with 1 million baht per kilogram and 36 million won in our money.

This amount is said to be about 26,000 times the average daily minimum wage in Thailand.

The netizens responded, "Can't I just hand out my fists, too?"

(Screen source: YouTube Khaosod TV)