This week’s Total NHL Forever is a special broadcast as an expert guest has been admitted to the studio.

Viima Hockey's skill coach Iiro Mäntylä talks about his job description and carefully looks at how the sporting skills of today's young NHL promises and players aiming for the bucks are developed between puck seasons.

Mallas Heiskanen, the star defender of Dallas Stars, Miro Heiskanen, who has rocketed among the best kits in the NHL, and Juuso Välimäki, a young credit defender of Calgary Flames, will marinate under Mäntylä's watchful eye.

Jesse Puljujärvi of Edmonton Oilers has also applied to learn from his other company in the NHL from Mäntylä.

The program is hosted by Sami Hoffrén, hockey journalist of llta-Sanomat.

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