The hit series and the corona year accelerated the growth in the number of subscribers to the streaming service Netflix in the fourth quarter.

The company gained 8.5 million new subscribers in October – December, exceeding the total number of subscribers by more than 200 million.

In the interest year 2020, Netflix gained a total of 37 million new subscribers, a record number.

Following the announcement, the company’s stock went up sharply on the stock exchange, hurting more than 12 percent.

Netflix's October-December operating profit was $ 542 million, or about $ 449 million.

This was less than in the same period in 2019, when the company netted a profit of $ 587 million (€ 486 million).

However, net sales rose to $ 6.6 billion (€ 5.5 billion) in October-December.

There is an increase in net sales compared to both the third quarter of the year and the result a year ago.

The series about the British upper class gathered viewers

According to the company, The Crown, which tells the story of the British royal family, attracted a large number of spectators in particular, far more than in any previous season.

The four seasons will see, among other things, the stormy marriage of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Bridgerton, another British top-class series and receiving a lot of media attention, also garnered interest, as did the company's Christmas film and series offerings, especially for the rest of the year.

The company’s most googled series, in turn, was the documentary series Tiger King, which gained popularity especially in the spring.