Leipzig (dpa / sn) - Last May, the discovery of a weapon stash in a Bundeswehr soldier from the Special Forces Command (KSK) from Saxony caused a sensation.

During a search of the 45-year-old's property in Collm (Northern Saxony district), the investigators discovered, among other things, two kilograms of professional explosives, several thousand pieces of rifle and pistol ammunition, a crossbow, a smoke hand grenade as well as firearms and weapon parts - including a silencer.

The elite soldier has to answer before the regional court in Leipzig from Friday (January 22nd).

According to the indictment, it concerns violations of the War Weapons Control Act, the Arms Act and the Explosives Act.

The Dresden Public Prosecutor's Office brought charges against the 45-year-old at the beginning of November.

The Leipzig Regional Court has set a total of eight appointments until the end of March.

At the beginning of December, the man was released from custody under certain conditions.

Among other things, a security deposit of 15,000 euros was deposited.

In addition, the soldier has to report to the police on a weekly basis and is not allowed to leave Germany.

The raid on the private property of the Sergeant Major took place after a tip from the Military Counter-Intelligence Service (MAD).

According to the Defense Ministry, the MAD had already had an eye on the man since 2017.

The case raised suspicions that explosives and ammunition might have been stolen in large quantities.

According to an interim report by the Ministry of Defense, a large proportion of the deviations in the ammunition inventory could be traced.

Sloppiness and rule violations were identified.

In addition, writings with right-wing extremist content were found on the commando soldier of the Bundeswehr - including an SS songbook, several right-wing magazines and stickers with Nazi motifs.


Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) made it clear after the weapons were found: "Nobody who is radically noticed in our armed forces has a place in the Bundeswehr."

Each case is followed up with "rigor and consistency".

“We will initiate disciplinary investigations against the suspected soldier who has long been the focus of the MAD.

He will no longer wear a uniform and will no longer be allowed to enter any Bundeswehr premises. "

In June last year, Kramp-Karrenbauer decided to fundamentally restructure the KSK after allegations of extremism or lack of constitutionality.

The particularly noticeable 2nd command company was disbanded.

The KSK was founded in 1996 and specializes in special military missions abroad such as the arrest of war criminals and terrorists or the liberation of German citizens from hostage custody.

The unit is stationed in Calw in the Black Forest.