Swedish skier Frida Karlsson, who was injured and interrupted the tour on the cross-country Tour de Ski, suffered more serious injuries than previously thought from his jaw-pulling trick.

Karlsson made a mistake pulling his jaws in Toblach on the door frame of the hotel room, the list came off the wall, and Karlsson slumped from the doorway to his back on the floor.

“It resulted in bleeding in the rib area and it restricted my breathing during the races,” Karlsson said on Wednesday.

Karlsson, 21, started the tour at a fast pace in Val Müstair, Switzerland.

She was third on the Tour and just ten seconds away from Jessica Diggins, who led the race in the US, but rankings deteriorated after the accident.

Karlsson's pace slowed down in Italy so that he no longer reached the top ten in the pursuit of Toblach or in Val di Fiemme's joint start.

At that point, he decided not to ski the final climb of the Tour.

- At first, only the worst ailments are noticed.

I felt the most severe pain at first in the pelvic region, where the bleeding put pressure on the sciatic nerve and the pain radiated to my leg, Karlsson continued his injury.

- When the swelling started to subside, it turned out that I had more serious injuries.

Only at that point was the bleeding higher in the body and its effect on respiration noticed.

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Karlsson says he has recovered well from this, but is not yet in a competitive condition this week.

That is why he is not seen at the Salpausselä competition in Lahti.

The 2021 World Championships in Oberstdorf are just over a month away.

Karlsson will certainly recover there.

- I would ski already this weekend if it were the World Cup now.

In this situation, however, I do not want to stress when the next World Cup is not absolutely necessary for me, Karlsson justified his departure from Lahti.

- At the end of the month in Falun, I certainly involved, and also one hundred percent recovered.

I skied in the snow for the first time today after the Tour and it felt good.

You could say I run all the cylinders again.

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Karlsson will focus on training for the next few days and then lighten the program before the Falun Games.

He will inspect his World Championship in the Swedish Championships in Borås on 9-11.


- I will survive a few travel days when I stay out of Lahti.

That, too, is necessary, as I have not just been home in Sollefteå and there is now very snow and great training conditions.

So everything is fine now, Karlsson rejoiced.

The Salpausselä competitions will feature personal combination races on Saturday and posts on Sunday.

Falun skiing on May 29-31

January, first two-day normal races and finally sprints.

The first ski race at the World Championships in Oberstdorf will be held on 25 February.