One would not guess that Tidjân Ba, 42, has not given newspaper interviews for more than a decade.

The Finnish Senegalese singer laughs on the phone with a relaxed grip and the same dark voice that is familiar from the hit songs of the successful band Kwan, founded in 2000.

A little excitement would be perfectly permissible, as Tidjân has been releasing music for the first time in 15 years.

Music last appeared from Tidjân when Kwan’s last remaining album, Little Notes, was released in 2006.

- I couldn't wait for my song to receive such a big reception.

It was completely surprising because the song is made entirely for my own pleasure.

But it did begin to live its own life.

The change in Kwan’s times is big.

Now Tidjân sings alone and in Finnish.

- Simply because, because I am Finnish and I speak Finnish, so it sounded natural.

According to Tidjân Ban, 42 is a great age and he is not experiencing an age crisis.

-I am still mentally from his early twenties, he kertoo.Kuva: Seppo Solmela / IS

The novelty bears the name When I Can't Forget and was written five years ago.

The song only now sees the light of day as it has been improved and tried to be produced with different people over the years.

- I sing in it about the resignation of my good friend and the ripping pain that resignation evokes.

This is not my story, but I can identify with it because I lived with him through the divorce process.

Over the last ten years, Tidjân has mainly made theater and musicals all over Finland.

She has also sung in various show bands and performed at corporate events.

Tidjan has also worked with young people, for example leading various workshops in schools.

- However, I love theater and especially musicals the most.

After Kwan, those things were like a return to the roots.

I enjoy being able to do what I love anonymously.

According to Tidjân, he and Mariko no longer see very often.

-Fortunately, there is social media. Photo: Aleksi Kinnunen

It was in the theater that Kwan's success story was born at the time, as the band's second frontrunner, Mariko, was also involved in acting.

- We met Mariko at the theater in Helsinki in 1999. Mariko said that she was going to make music with a live band and asked if I wanted to join.

The end is history.

Selling double platinum and gold, Kwan was a mega-popular band in a short time that also grabbed numerous Emma verticals.

The band is remembered for their hits Shine and Late, for example.

In the golden age of popularity, Tidjân was just a young man in his twenties.

- It was a tough school and will always be a part of me and my growing up.

It was a great time, and I was grateful the gang digged us, but I wasn’t really after that publicity.

Tidjân in Ankkarock, Vantaa, where Kwan performed in 2003.Photo: Tea Karvinen

Tidjân herself has not had a habit of talking in public about her relationships or personal life.

- I'm a pretty private guy, and I want to keep some things to myself.

Spinning in the limelight during the golden age of popularity was sometimes stressful, although Tidjân understands the interest of the fans well.

Eager fans will still often chat on the streets and in the cupboards, which doesn’t bother the talkative man at all.

- Especially if a little encouraging juice has been taken, then that's the point.

Many say they remember me and were at our gig.

I'm in spite of everything social, so I'm flattered, if someone still remembers me.

Kwan also toured the world.

Especially in Greece, the band was really popular.

- I don't know why we were so mega-popular there.

We also won prizes.

We flew in first class, had limousine rides and stayed in great hotels.

Kwanin Mariko and Tidjân in 2002.Picture: Nauski

The band’s story slowly began to fade in 2008, leaving it on a “creative break”.

Tidjân’s distances to the rest of the band have remained warm.

- I'm really close with Tatu Ferchen and Amara Doumbouyanin.

With Mariko, the distances are good, but the fact is that we don’t see him very often anymore.

Fortunately, there is social media today.

Since graduation, Kwan has only been seen once on Yle’s We want more in 2014.

- There has been no actual courtship, but never say never, maybe we will make a comeback sometime when we are retirees.

Tidjân Ba directly admits that he has never particularly enjoyed the public spotlight.Photo: Seppo Solmela / IS

Now the goal is to keep making music.

The future is open in the sense that Tidjân says he is ready to try his limits on different genres as well.

Tidjân, who has his feet on the ground, will continue not to build everything on just one card.

- Publicity should not be allowed to define itself, as it can end at any time.

I am happy that I have always been myself, was a popular or not.