China News Service, Beijing, January 20 (Reporter Xing Chong and Liang Xiaohui) The draft law on practicing physicians was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for deliberation on the 20th.

Liu Qian, deputy chairman of the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of the National People's Congress, stated in his explanation that the draft has absorbed successful experience and practices in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  The draft stipulates that the state establishes a talent training and use mechanism that adapts to the modern disease prevention and control system. In emergencies and national defense mobilization needs, doctors should obey the dispatch of the health authority. Doctors discover infectious diseases, sudden unknown diseases and abnormal health events It is always obliged to report in a timely manner, and to commend or reward physicians who have performed outstandingly in prevention and early warning, rescue of deaths and injuries.

  In addition, the draft will also promote the noble professionalism of physicians and other new ideas into the law.

The draft clarifies that the purpose of this law is to protect the health of the people, regulate the practice of doctors, protect the legitimate rights and interests of doctors and the public, and promote the construction of a healthy China. With the noble professional spirit of "Love without Borders", August 19th is the Chinese Physician's Day every year. Governments at all levels promote the formation of a good atmosphere of respect for doctors and health for the whole society.