Berlin (dpa / bb) - The Berlin CDU considers the extension of the corona measures agreed on Tuesday between the federal and state governments to be correct.

"I expect the Berlin Senate to implement yesterday's Corona resolutions without the unfortunately now usual special Berlin channels," said CDU country chief Kai Wegner on Wednesday.

"When the stricter mask requirement is introduced, the Senate must also ensure that it can be implemented for Berliners," said Wegner.

Not only are sufficient FFP2 masks necessary.

Their delivery must also be organized.

"The right to be faster at the drugstore must not only apply," said Wegner.

The masks should be affordable and easy to buy for everyone.

"Only then can the stricter mask requirement also be implemented."

Berlin's AfD parliamentary group leader Georg Pazderski criticized the resolutions.

«The old parties don't have a clear line.

As a result, the Corona policy remains arbitrary, ”criticized the AfD politician.

«Longer lockdown, new mask regulations, continued contact bans.

All of this seems helpless, because everyone knows: These measures have not helped so far and will not improve anything in the future. "

The AfD is sticking to its call to get out of lockdown, open schools and specifically protect risk groups.

The federal and state governments agreed on Tuesday to extend the tough lockdown until mid-February.

In addition, the more protective FFP2 masks or surgical masks have to be worn on buses and trains as well as when shopping, everyday masks made of fabric are no longer enough.

Stricter rules are also provided in the workplace.

Employers must allow work from home if that is possible.