The Fed's former chairman, Janet Yellen, who was appointed as the first woman to be the Treasury Secretary, began hearing the ministerial appointments of the next US administration, Joe Biden, in the Senate on the 20th. He showed his thoughts on countermeasures.

The procedure was delayed due to confusion after the presidential election over the approval of the ministerial appointment nominated by President-elect Biden, but the Senate of Parliament started a hearing for approval on the 19th, the day before the inauguration ceremony. did.

Yellen nominated as the first female Treasury Secretary

Among them, Yellen, a former chairman of the Fed's Federal Reserve Board of Governors and an economist specializing in employment analysis, said in an online testimony, "Unemployment insurance is definitely paid and homes. We need more money to protect our families who are at risk of losing food and food. Now we have to take bold action. "

In the United States, the employment environment is deteriorating due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and President-elect Biden has expressed his intention to immediately work on the establishment of a large-scale economic measure of 200 trillion yen.

Yellen will also be the first female Treasury Secretary since the establishment of the Ministry of Finance in 1789.

On the 19th, Mr. Haynes, a woman appointed as the Director of National Intelligence, who oversees intelligence agencies, and Mr. Mallorcus from Cuba, who was appointed as the Secretary of Homeland Security, also attended the hearing.

President-elect Biden emphasizes diversity as a hallmark of the new administration, with half of the 24 ministerial-level nominated people being women.

Nominated as Secretary of State Blinken

Former Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was appointed Secretary of State, emphasized at the beginning of the hearing that "competition with China, Russia and other authoritarian states is intensifying and the threat is increasing."

He added, "We will reinforce our relations with our core allies. It is the allies that will strengthen the influence of the United States around the world." He said that he would develop diplomacy based on cooperation with allies including Japan. I showed the idea of ​​going on.

Secretary of Defense Austin

Former Central Command Commander Austin, who was appointed Secretary of Defense, said at the beginning of the hearing, "The most pressing of all the challenges is the pandemic. If approved as Secretary of Defense, the Pentagon's new corona virus countermeasures Scrutinize. "

He added, "Asia is the center of our efforts globally, and China in particular is an issue."

There are opinions that the nomination of Mr. Austin, who was an active military officer until five years ago, is not appropriate from the viewpoint of civilian control, but Mr. Austin said at the hearing, "I firmly recognize the difference in position as a civilian. I'm doing it. "