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Justice considers that Lidl has invaded the patent for the Thermomix kitchen robot, owned by the Vorwerk company, and condemns the German chain to withdraw from the market all its Monsieur Cuisine Connect machines.

The Commercial Court number 5 of Barcelona rules that the defendant company has infringedly implemented the characteristics of Thermomix, contained in a patent, in its Monsieur Cuisine appliance.

The court condemns Lidl to suspend the import, storage, offering and marketing of its kitchen robot and, in addition, demands the withdrawal from the market of all the units that are in its warehouses or have been distributed to its distributors.

Lidl must also compensate the plaintiff Vorwerk for the damages caused, with the economic amount that will be determined in the execution phase of the sentence once it is final.

Thermomix marketer Vorwerk filed a lawsuit in June 2019 for patent infringement by Lidl with its Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot, which had been on the market for a year.

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