On Monday, Region Kronoberg announced that they will get rid of half of their vaccine doses in the next few weeks due to the vaccine supplier Pfizer reducing its deliveries to Sweden.

But already a day later - on Tuesday - came a new message that they are reducing their doses by 25 percent instead of 50 percent.

This after a complaint to the Public Health Agency, which after the criticism redistributed.

- We reacted quite strongly.

We think that they looked at the whole and did not see how it affected individual regions, says the regional board chairman Mikael Johansson (M).

Can keep pace

According to Mikael Johansson, the region will now be able to continue vaccinating at the same rate as planned.

- We add what we get with what we have saved in the freezer, then we manage to keep the pace, he says.

SVT has applied to the Swedish Public Health Agency for answers on how to reason about the allocation of vaccines to the regions after Pfizer's announcement.

We have not yet received any information with reference to the fact that the authority has not officially announced what the allocation looks like.